A hard drive is always at risk of getting damaged. Whether your laptop hits the ground or you download freeware without using an anti-virus program, you surely can put your hard drive at risk any number of ways.

What actually damaged my hard drive?

Before locating the best program to fix your hard drive issues, you must narrow down the causes of the program. Here are some of the common causes of corrupt or damaged hard drives:

1. Computer Viruses

Computer viruses are known for tearing and destroying everything in your computer. However, some viruses do more than just deleting your family photos or essay papers. These viruses can go a step further and delete a hard drive’s vital information. Without this information, the hard drive will be useless.

2. Physical Damage

If you thought your computer’s processor is the only delicate gadget in your computer, think again. Hard drives are far more delicate than processors. The distance between the read/write head and the disk platter is so small that your finger wouldn’t be able to fit in between without damaging the component. Consequently, dropping a computer can do a lot of harm to it.

3. Environmental Factors

Though hard drives are designed to perform to be long lasting and durable in different environments. In many environmental conditions, there are some that will simply wear it out faster than others. Extremely hot and humid places are known to have negatively affect on hard drives.

Ways of Fixing a Corrupted or Damaged Hard Drive

1. Repair it with software

This is, by far, the most common way to fix a damaged hard drive since users only need to follow simple instructions for the repair process. However, this method is usually for hard drives that were corrupted by other computer programs. Depending on the problem you are experiencing, you may need to rely on the help of multiple software.

If you wish to retrieve your lost data, Stellar Phoenix may be the best application to use. It can recover data from deleted partitions, USB drives, and even camera cards. It also comes with a well-documented user manual that guides you on how to recover your data.

Advanced Disk Recovery proves to be a good program for those who wish to repair the damaged sectors of the hard drive. This program is not tailored for non-Windows users because it only supports the Windows files systems. Its ability to repair damaged sectors however is pretty great, and easy to use with an impressive recovery capability.

2. Re-Formatting the Hard Drive

Sometimes, it is almost impossible to recover data from your hard drive, especially if you use applications, such as hard disk encryption and file shredders, that make the recovery process difficult.

If this is the case, a hard disk format is recommended because computer experts won’t be able to recover your files once you delete them securely. One good thing about formatting a hard drive is that you won’t require expensive software. In fact, your boot CD/DVD is all you will need to format and partition your hard drive. The bad news is you will lose everything on the computer.

In general, the best software for fixing a hard drive will depend on the kind of problem that you’re experiencing with your hard drive but using Data Recovery software is a smart first step before having to consider much more expensive solutions.