Man Connecting iPhone to ComputerSo far, iPhones have been immune to viruses, so passing a virus from your PC to your iPhone is pretty much impossible. Even if there is a virus on your computer and your phone is hooked up to it, the iPhone has protection against the virus doing any damage.

The iPhone, as well as the iPad and iPod Touch, operate with iOS, which is Apple’s mobile operating system. One of the top qualities of iOS is its security. Along with features to help protect against stolen data, it includes firmware and hardware to protect against viruses and other malware.

The security and safety features apply to regular iPhones but if your phone has been jail broken, the chances of it being infected by a virus increase, including those viruses that could be transferred from your PC. That is one thing you should consider if you are considering breaking your phone.

What is a jail broken iPhone?

When you get an iPhone, you are only allowed to download apps that are approved by Apple itself. This may seem unfair, but this is one way for Apple to keep the iPhone protected from viruses.

When you jail break a phone, you free it from the limitations that Apple has set, along with the limitations by your phone carrier. This allows you the freedom to do a lot more with your phone, but it does open up the possibility of attracting a viral infection.

When you jail break an iPhone, you can install apps from other third-party providers, including those that are not approved by Apple. You can also customize your phone in other ways, such as how the screens look or the type of ringtones from which to choose.

Jail breaking a phone also allows you to use a cell phone carrier that is different than the one you originally purchased the phone from. This may save you money or give you better cell reception.

What are the dangers of jail breaking an iPhone?

Although jail breaking your iPhone presents you with more options, there are some dangers associated with it. One is that doing so voids your warranty. This means that, if you encounter any problem in the future, neither Apple nor your carrier will be able to help you.

Another danger of jail breaking an iPhone is that it increases the chances of contracting a virus. If you have installed unauthorized apps, some of them may carry viruses that can damage your iPhone. It is also more susceptible to viruses that may be passed from your computer, although the operating systems of the iPhone and your PC are different so a virus from your computer may not be able to do any damage to the iPhone.

Although jail breaking your phone may be tempting, you should consider the benefits and drawbacks of doing so. It may seem like it is a way to get around the system and add different things on your phone, but there are some consequences that may arise as a result.

Would it be a good idea to install an anti-virus app on your iPhone?

Although the chances of getting a virus on your iPhone are slim, you may be wondering if it would still be a good idea to install an app to help protect against them, just in case. In general, at this time it doesn’t seem necessary to have an anti-virus app, unless you have a phone that is jail broken.

For a while, there weren’t any options for virus protection for the iPhone because it was believed that there was no threat of this at all. As times change and computer hackers get savvier, there may be some viruses floating around in the future. Because of this, some companies are starting to look into further protecting the iPhone from viruses.

Although an app may not be necessary, there are some other ways that you can protect your phone. Because viruses often enter your computer or iPhone through the Internet, you may choose to add some type of software that will look out for any possible Web-based threat.

Anti-virus products for the iPhone are few and far between because there isn’t much of a market for them. Apple and other computer research companies are quite attuned to the developments in security so, until they start pushing for and recommending virus protection, you should feel fairly confident that your iPhone is protected, from your computer as well as other sources.

One way to ensure protection for your iPhone from a PC virus is to download some type of spyware on your computer. These programs will scan your computer for possible viruses and clean up anything suspicious. They will also prevent incoming malware from the Internet.

Keeping your PC virus-free will make sure that nothing is passed on to your iPhone.